That’s what I have said for years now and it’s still holds true. I’m starting to realize how possible living my dreams with this horse could be possible. I have been so fortunate in my lifetime to have had some crazy tragic experiences and subsequently constructive and successful events occur and it goes without saying that has made me be the somewhat skeptical and weary but equally brash and trudging blindly forward kind of gal that makes me a bit off, yet still endearing to most. To know me is to love me as that’s your only option!

I keep pinching myself so I remember how fortunate I am to have this time to get to work in such a safe, helpful and positive environment and have Lara, Tiffany and Becky around to provide me with training insights on Jo. This whole system of working with your horse rather than telling him what to do has really gotten me thinking about what I have been doing all these years with my riding and how my whole psychology of dressage and riding in general has been so faulted. This blog’s picts I pulled from video clips. (the other Jo I’ve been spending a significant amount of time with) was nice enough to offer to video and Tiffany helped me from the ground. The moments of true through-ness and light-ness are ever-increasing. I am now able to obtain that feeling of having him “in” my hands and not “on” my hands, really pushing from the hind end with a desire to move forward and light off my leg. He’s a pretty special horse and getting more special and fun to ride daily.
Europe or bust!.. I’m still in a holding pattern for my European trip as my plans keep changing but I’m looking forward to announcing the changes in my training plans and hope they are as exciting of news as I imagine they will be. Kari isn’t going to be able to go due to commitments at her farm and the timing with school for Chelsea just didn’t work out either but I do have a travel companion and I’m thinking he’s pretty excited about the trip. It will be fun to share in someone’s first European experience too!

The video podcasting daze continues as opportunities abound for HorseGirlTV! I’ve shot the 4 episodes thus far, have 2 more lined up here in the Rogue Valley and some AMAZING prospects of shoots in Holland, Germany and Spain. The website is coming together nicely. I’ve delved into my branding on the logo fairly heavy at this point. The LLC is setup and I’m researching my insurance needs and the basic organization biz aspects so the ball is rolling. Now I just need a more concrete biz plan, start hammering out the database, episode editing and get my marketing plan in order. Not too much for this gal of course! No problem to be marketing, engineering, biz dev, Q & A, design & development, finance and the CEO all in one person! Hmfp! So yuh… I’m crazy to try and do this all on my own but I’m hoping I can outsource my database work and that my fabulous designer friends will provide me with much needed criticisms on my development of the logo AND that my network of amazing people in my life will provide the emotional support to make it all possible.

I’m rambling now and guessing that means I’m done for the day. Just another sunrise and sunset in ye ole Ashland. I thought of Nicole a great deal yesterday and laughed out loud and cried out loud yesterday evening at a flick with a friend. It’s called “Running with Scissors” and I recommend it. I was having some issues yesterday and so wished I could just phone Nicole up and have her yell at me for a bit. You don’t miss it until it’s gone and I certainly miss her but I have to remember this of the folks that are in my life in this time. We’re all far from perfect but how would I feel without these not-so-perfect people in my life? What do I take for granted in those that I spend my days and nights with? Yup, you’d don’t miss it until it’s gone. I am happy that I’m mostly living in my days and not fretting so much over my tomorrows. It’s a happy place to be for certain!