Where to start in such a full and emotional day? Yesterday was Nicole’s Life Celebration service. It started early with a ladies brunch at the Mark (sorry but I just can’t bring myself to call it Lithia Whatever-It-Is-Now). It was reassuring to see other fabulous women who’s lives Nicole has touched and hear their stories sharing laughter and tears. Next we moved on to the services at the temple. I got to be a greeter. Thanks for asking me to help Shelley! I think my Audrey outfit was a hit. I did it for Nicole but feared folks would judge and of course I said, “fuck their opinions” and did it anyway but surprisingly enough it was very well received. I guess everyone knew Nicole would appreciate the over-the-top-ness of the whole thing.

“Sister” as sung by Deidrie has been in my head since. Sister, you’ve been on my mind. Oh sister, we’re two of a kind. So sister, I’m keeping my eye on you. I bet you think I don’t know nothin’ of singing the blues. My sister, have I got news for you. I’m something and hope you know that you’re something too. You taught so many of us that we’re something too! Tanya, Ed, Shelley and Eric put together a beautiful service!

Afterwards, Debra and I absconded with some frilly paper napkins labeled in elegant curvy gold font saying simply Nicole and forged forward and on to the Black Sheep where, napkins in hand, we drank martini’s and toasted the classy broad! Eric joined with us to carry over to Tabu for Margi-tini’s and by this time I was lit and it was a mere 5:30 in the afternoon! Nicole woulda loved it! I spoke with an old acquaintance but new friend, who’d had an equally yet different emotional day, who joined up with me for yet another libation. Mine this time was a Shirley Temple as I needed to slow down or go down! About nine in the evening, he’d finished his beverage and I was almost sober so we moved on down to the Beau Club for cheap beer and Ms. Pacman and closed the place out!

All said, it was a splendid day, the best services I’d attended and such a release to be able to be here in Ashland and share the moment and the day with such twists and turns! I’ll miss you my darling but there will not be a moment of my future when I process important decisions and think “What would Nicole tell me to do?” and (wink, wink) not that I’ll follow your advice as I haven’t always in the past but I’ll definitely wrestle with your words of wisdom and try to do the correct thing!