So Susan has been enhancing my daily life here in Ashland by informing me of Tango and Circus classes. It’s been a nice cross training to simply riding and fun meeting new people. The Circus (aka Fabric or Silk) class is GREAT for upper body strength and is really starting to help me with that whole fear of heights thing! Who woulda guessed that I can gallop ’round on a 2000 pound beast yet be a bit shy on climbing a mere 15 feet off the ground! Hehe.

The tango has been fabulous to help my “feel” with my riding and that’s not to discount the helpful eyes of Lara, Tiffany and Becky out at the farm. Slowly but (and I think) surely my riding is shifting from an unconscious desire for control to a more thoughtful conversation with my horse. Who would have thought it could be this simple?!