So Sage, Elise and Miss Riley have been kind enough to let me stay at my old flat in downtown Ashland! Thanks guys! My first night, a bit tipsy after the Sheep, I was greeted by an extremely toxic moldy toilet seat! Ick, there’s stuff growing in there Sage! If I’d had the forethought, I would have taken some photos. Alas, no moldy shots. This morning, Eric obliged to accompany me to Ashland Hardware to search for a new and mold free version. Thanks Turner! In true Ashland style we ran in the Chauncey (aka John Miller) who was able to offer his professional opinion of the options that lay before us (see picture).

I’m really getting into this whole MySpace thing now. It actually IS pretty kewl for connecting with friends and rekindling previous acquaintances as I met up with a fellow I hadn’t seen in years (literally) last night for a flick and post show hot toddy (his first ever) at the Sheep. What fun and what a gentleman he’d become!

Ashland has been fabulous to me this time around reminding me to keep my heart open but not exposed thus keeping my ego in check. I’m still hella excited to depart for Spain and am still working out the details but already thinking of my return “home” to Ashland in about a year. Who knows what my ever-changing life has to hold? I do know my days and nights here are filled with incredibe twists and turns and I’m loving every minute of it. I guess the thank you goes to Nicole whom was the core reason I stopped in Ashland this time in the first place. I think of you daily my little chick-a-dee. I smile. I laugh. I cry. I grumble. I miss you! I’m looking forward to celebrating your life tomorrow and sharing a brunch with so many of the ladies lives you have touched! I hope I continue to become the crazy, cosmopolitan and classic lady you’ve always hoped I would be. I’ll forever be your little jet-setter!