So I’m not quite sure where this whole Oldies song title theme came from but they just keep popping into my head. The old neurotransmitters are still communicating I guess! Denise and James came into town this past week and it was fabulous to get to spend some quality time with them. They’re back on the 14th so the fun will continue!

Joewell is going better than could be imagined after not having “professional training” for a couple of weeks now. Tiffany has been helping me and I’m learning a bit about the Anky system. The concepts are basic but not falling into the old habits is hard! Joewell seems to like the work and DAMN his top line is getting nice fast!!!

So Nicole passed and I’m sticking around Ashland a bit longer. I spoke with Bemelmans on Friday and he says he’ll be working with the team down in Spain preparing for Sunshine Tour pretty much January and February so it’s probably best if Joewell, Picollo and I simply go directly to Spain. He gave me a contact in Spain to see about arranging a box. I believe the city is Gijon which is up north near the Basque country and on the coast! I should know more on Tuesday as to obtaining a box space, training with Jean in Spain and what Spanish rider I would be training with during Jean’s absence. The plan is to transport down with the team in March for Sunshine Tour, compete in the 3 week show and return to Germany in April to continue training at Jean’s in Krefeld.

Life is ever-changing at the moment so I’m not holding my breath but it would be fabulous to go directly to Spain, by-passing the horrid German winter, getting to spend time with my Spanish friends, train with Jean, compete at Sunshine and then return to Germany once the more pleasant Spring weather comes around!

Thanks for the gumbo Denise! You’re a rocking, crazy coonass cook!! Love you!

The pict is Picollo and Rupert doing impersonations of snow bunnies this past week up behind Lithia Park.