Angelea’s Horse How To: Apply Standing Wraps and Polos

Tips and practical application of horse stable wraps.

Don't get "wrapped up" in the wrong crowd. Tehe! Learn the correct way to wrap horses. Meet up with Angelea in Northern Virginia and learn how to properly apply your favorite equine's standing wraps and polo bandages.

Angelea Notes:
Products mentioned in the episode I use and recommend (and am not being paid to recommend 😀).

Cheers and enjoy! ♥ -Ang

Kim Chinn: Riding Along with the Mounted Police

Ride along with the Prince William County Mounted Police

This episode is COPS style for horse lovers! Angelea literally rides along on an afternoon of mounted patrols with First Sgt. Kim Chinn of the Prince William County Police Department. Have you thought about an equestrian career but not interested in being a horse trainer, farrier, or vetrinarian? Consider a career in law enforcement with the mounted police!

Sheryl Rudolph: Innovative FITS Riding Breeches

Innovative equestrian riding breech technology where form meets function

Sheryl Rudolph has over 33 years experience in apparel industry Product Development, mainly with high performance wear. This creative thinker was granted two US and International Utility Patents for technical horseback riding breeches. Trouble getting your riding breeches on? Do you have issues with chafing or, more importantly, actually finding a pair that simply fit! Did we say FITS? Takes a look at the innovative technology Sheryl Rudolph's highly successful company Fun in the Saddle, Inc.

Enrique Cruces: International Spanish Dressage Rider

Making a life combining the passion for horses with competition and sport.

Enrique Cruces began his professional dressage career at seventeen and has gone on to compete internationally for his home country of Spain at many high performance competitions. He is not only an experienced rider and competitor but, likewise, a talented coach.

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Bits n Bytes: Horse Stall Mats Installation

How to install interlocking horse stall mats.

Horse stall mats are heavy and unforgiving on your back. Quite often they seem like more trouble than they are worth however, they help protect your beloved equine. After several decades of rough handling the traditional 4 by 6 stable mats, Angelea discovered these interlocking mats. They are easy to cut for a custom fit and, because they are interlocking, there are no edges to rub or shift when your horses move around.

Get your own Interlocking Equine Stall Mats.

John Irish: FEI, it is Reining. It is Pouring.

Competitive FEI reining at John Irish Performance Horses

John has established himself as an NRHA Professional, AQHA Professional Horseman and an NRHA Judge in the reining horse industry. He owns and operates a successful training facility dedicated to training Futurity, Derby and Non Pro Reining and Ranch Riding horses as well as help Non Pro and Youth riders reach their goals.

Bits n Bytes: PVDA Dancing Horse Challenge Supporting Breast Cancer Cure

How do you keep focus when riding in the memory of your mentor, Jill Hassler-Scoop?

Barbara Strawson, a USDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medalist, has trained and competed horses from USDF Training Level through FEI Grand Prix. The PVDA Ride for Life is both a dressage show and a benefit for breast cancer quality of life research at the Johns Hopkins Breast Center. How do you keep focus when riding in honor of the memory of your mentor, Jill Hassler-Scoop?