New York Times Best Selling Author of Sgt Reckless, Robin Hutton

Sgt Reckless was a thirteen hand high chestnut Mongolian mare. This tiny horse was awarded two Purple Hearts in the Korean War and saved the lives of many of her fellow Marines. She remains an inspiration to this day. New York Times Best Selling author, Robin Hutton, chats with Angelea about her journey to bring Reckless to life through the pages of her book.

Episode disclaimer: This is never before seen footage I shot at my North Carolina farm back in 2015. Long story short, the footage was deemed unusable (too blown out from the daylight outside my covered porch) and then parts of my life fell into a void so this footage was shelved. I pulled it out this past year and played around with color corrections and deem this viewable enough because it's too fantastic of a story not to share. I'm thankful to know about this an amazing little mare and I am so very thankful Robin came out to my farm for the interview!