I train 6 days per week usually with the off day doing some ground work + guaranteed stable work. This daily grind is tough on socks, especially boot socks so when a fan recommended (Thanks Sarah F!!!) I check them out I was quite excited. I contacted Joanna, who is one of the Jo in JoJoSox, to find out more about their range, checked out there website and have been putting several pairs of their sox to the test these last few weeks.

Of course I understand the importance of function for horsey peeps but I also lean towards fun fashions as well! SUCCESS on both counts with JoJoSox! The range is diverse, colorful, yet classic and therefore unique to whatever style you might consider stylish. I have not put a better boot sock on my foot so function abounds. The toe fit is PERFECT, the heel DOES NOT slip and the most important to me… the socks stay up and comfy whether on the inside or outside of my breech. I’ve only been with these particular pairs for a few weeks now but one can tell how well a product is going to manage the repeat washing and wearing and these have all held their own through 5 washes so far. Yes… these are the only boot socks I’ll wear now so they get washed a few times per week!

These lovely ladies to the right are their BAMBOOTZ option! They are made using sustainable, organic Bamboo pulp, are softer than cotton with a texture similar to that of silk. Thin, but also durable, with a reinforced heel and toe, their BAMBOOTZ are naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. They are also quick to absorb moisture, keeping your feet dry and odor-free making them the perfect year-round socks for keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. What I find wicked awesome about these are the silk feel with the contour foot hugging comfort that you can’t find in a silk sock! Check these out at http://www.jojosox.com.

These sexy little hot rods are called Oregon Zebra. Now I’ve lived in Oregon and I haven’t seen any native zebras there. In fact I’ve never saw a zebra in Oregon ever BUT I find the name adorable and if there was an Oregon zebra breed out there, I’m sure it would have such a hot and vibrant yellow! These are in their tall sock range and are made from using moisture-wicking, performance fibers. These socks can absorb and transport tremendous amounts of moisture away from the feet. Perfect with tall boots, or for playing sports, these socks are virtually seamless with no excess bulk anywhere. Seriously… there’s no bulk and they cradle your heel, arch and toes with no bunching whatsoever! Have a gander online at http://www.jojosox.com.

These are perfect for wear while attending The Hampton Classic, Dressage at Devon, watching Downton Abbey (bites nails… will Matthew and Lady Mary marry??) or whenever you generally would like to feel very, very high brow while simultaneously enjoying the comfort of a modern sock! Their traditional argyle is dubbed Color Me Proper!

What more to ask for in a sock. The best function! A menagerie of style and all packaged with the most hip, cute, and clever names! Plus their price point is fair retailing around $20 each!

So if the sox fit… Well, I’m gonna most certainly wear them! Cheers!


  • Thanks, Angelea, for the great recommendation. So nice to see such enthusiasm about socks! I’m definitely going to try them because I’m still on the hunt for the perfect riding/working sock. Now, to narrow down the choices…. 🙂

    • You’re VERY welcome! I didn’t even get into the cool story about how JoJoSox got started but it’s on their website and quite a fun read! I hope you like them. The colors and styles are fabulous. 🙂 –Angelea

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