Here’s the long and the short of it! Animo apparel is totally functional riding apparel. In fact, their full seat paired with my Antares saddle is a seriously comfy ride and that’s saying a GREAT deal considering how massive a mover Hansel is! Animo apparel is sexy. Animo apparel is comfy AND I seriously wear my breeches with pumps and rocking top out on the town for dinner. I even donned my jeans and open-toed Kenneth Coles for a Wilmington brunch a month ago! No joke! I get second and third looks and comments on how wonderful my trousers are so yeah… I think the Animo breech is the best way to be cool and on top of the hot summer fashion. I’m really looking forward to an our upcoming photo shoot where Hansel and I will rock our Antares gear, Animo shadbelly, trousers and top!

This brand is not for the faint hearted nor for the über classically minded people but for those of us that want to wear top functional riding apparel that’s oh too sexy and so very progressively styled then Animo is for you! Stay tuned in for more!


  • The breeches look gorgeous! But do you really ride in white?? hmmmm lots of bleach LOL. Seriously, can’t wait to see more.

    • They ARE gorgeous! I have a pair of the white and was actually thinking about riding in them. They wash super well. I would go muck out a box in the stable in them but for sure white would be awesome on this heat for reflecting! I have a pair of jeans and dark purple too that are just too hot! Can’t wait to write more. Thanks for posting!

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