How lucky am I? I realized recently that HorseGirlTV® gives away about $5,000 in prizes annually thanks to the amazing sponsors the series has and all the kewl fans that send in their innovative products to share! Wow! Likewise I have a few equally amazing friends some of which, when they are jet setting our globe, will SMS me at 4:30AM eastern (because in London it’s a normal hour) because they’ve thought of HorseGirlTV® and how kewl it would be to give away some Official Merchandise from THE London 2012 Official Merchandise store. Long story short, I SMS back and forth in a bit of a haze looking at MMSed pictures via my virtual shopping tour of the shop and pick out some items that are then sent to me. I am now fortunate enough to pass them along to you in a giveaway! This one is seriously über simple. Two ways to enter. No strings attached. Some actual postage charges may apply and you’ll have 2 weeks from date of announcement to claim your prizes! As always whatever state you reside in, please follow those rules first and foremost if any apply.

First way to enter… Subscribe to my weekly Equestrian Life & Style Guide

Second way to enter… Re-tweet this (removing the quotes of course) “@HorseGirlTV is giving away Official @USParalympics & @Olympics @London2012 Merchandise. Pls RT

What awesomeness is HorseGirlTV® giving away?

London 2012 Official Merchandise Drawstring Bags:

London 2012 Official Merchandise Para-Equestrian & Abled-Bodied Dressage Pins (LIMITED EDITION OF 10,000):

London 2012 Official Merchandise Stella McCartney Drawstring Bag:

London 2012 Official Merchandise Card & Envelopes:

London 2012 Official Merchandise Backpack Gym bag:


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