On the 4th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        A Hoof Wraps Soaker!

A huge CONGRATS to SHougham AND Cheryl Figures who both posted comment entries via the HorseGirlTV Blog page!

This was SHougham’s comment, “My favorite HorseGirlTV episode was ‘Basic grooming- Tips everyone should know’ https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=538 because it gave some really useful tips to help with grooming and as I own a grey and white paint gelding I need all the help keeping him clean that I can get!” AND this was Cheryl Figures’ comment, “Picking just one HorseGirlTV episode to be a fav is like choosing a favorite child. Turning Challenging horses in to willing partners https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=3181 was very helpful since that is where I am with my rescue mare who is very challenging; I’m buying her book for my trainer. Then since Musical freestyle is my passion I’d have say Riding to Music with Equichord https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=921 is another top pick. But I truly Love all your diverse, educating and enjoyable episodes. They help satisfy my desire to be at the barn when I can’t and keeps me sane throughout a boring day at the office. Thank you.”

Please contact us via http://contact.horsegirltv.com with your ship addy!

About Hoof Wraps Soaker: If your horse likes to fidget with buckets and soaking treatments you could be tied up for a while. Not anymore. Apply the hoof soaker, fill it with your soak of choice and get back to your chores. Hoof Wraps soakers are made with a thick shell of ballistic nylon and a coated nylon liner. Each Soaker comes with two EVA foam pads and an extra strap. Tough construction. Fits hoof sizes up to 6” diameter. Easy to use – 3 fastening points offer flexibility. Lightweight and collapsible. Use for hoof soaking or icing.

See you tomorrow for the announcement for 5th Day of HorseGirlTV to find out who will win the Jumpline Design Pole Ring. Scopey!

Congratulations SHougham AND Cheryl Figures!!!

AND you can still enter to win so hurry as the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV® will fly by!.. http://blog.horsegirltv.com/2011/12/over-1000-in-horsey-gifts-the-12-days-of-horsegirltv/!


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