So it’s no secret I’m a big fan of the FITS technology. I met FITS innovator, Sheryl Rudolph back in 2007 and have been inspired by her forward thinking attitude since. Her concepts never seem to amazing me and her latest is no different. I received this PR yesterday from FITS and was shocked to see the before and after pictures of how these Wunderbreech really smoothed out the lines! Here’s their latest launch! Check the pictures out! Before and after…. SCHWEET!

Change that “ugh” to “ooh” with new FITS Wunderbreech and hide any embarrassing looks when wearing white or light colored breeches. Wunderbreech is a flattering blend of cotton, poly and Lycra in a capri length that shapes and hides what you’d prefer not be seen. Our highly opaque fabric blend fills in cellulite lines and hides skin blemishes. Wunderbreech also features a seamless, gusseted crotch for maximum comfort. The capri length eliminates unsightly panty lines and is cooler than full length designs which add bulk under boots. You’ll like them so much that you’ll want to wear them every time you ride. You will love the way breathable Wunderbreeches feel next to your skin under any breech, white or not.

“We developed the Wunderbreech in response to consumer input that unlined white breeches of any brand are simply unflattering. Wunderbreech provides a comfortable base layer to be worn under any breech to insure a highly opaque (not see through) look. It also does a superb job of camouflaging cellulite and skin imperfections.” states Sheryl Rudolph, Founder and President of FITS.

For a limited time introductory offer FITS is offering a free Wunderbreech with every new order of FITS Energy Rib White Full Seat breech. Suggested retail price is $32.00. Available at fine tack stores and online through FITS valued dealer network at beginning August 2010.

These look super comfy:

Before the Wunderbreech:

With the Wunderbreech (toooo neat!):

Looks like FITS does it again on innovation and kewlness. Thanks for sending this info and pictures over Sheryl! Have a great time at Dressage at Devon!