Life with 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 ducks and 1 Marine is definitely an animal farm but not really the one George Orwell had in mind. It’s a blast watching the ducks try and fly, crazily chance bugs about back and forth in their yard. The kitty loves tormenting Picollo and Zita daily and they seem to enjoy the antics almost as much. It’s a riot to see the cat, Lil Dude, trot like a lion along the fence line as a momma bird dive bombs him all the way to the horse trailer! Carrara always welcomes me with a light whinny as I walk out the front door, especially when she knows it’s feeding time and little Picollo in general is just the “best paralyzed doxy on the planet” no joke!

Here’s early morning “Let’s PLAY” from the kitty!


And this is what happens when paint is in the same rubbish as chicken bits.


So while you won’t be hearing the sheep from the hay barn chanting “Four legs gooooood. Two legs baaaaad.” you will hear the cicadas churping a chorus in the trees, the occasional whinny, a defensive bark and the quacks from Dooney & Burke and I’d define that as an animal farm and my own personal paradise too!