So the dude returned! Ex spotted him yesterday evening in front of the barn and I quickly/quietly walked out there to give him some food and just say hello in hopes he wouldn’t run away.

A little shake of some kitty food and a few pauses in his steps he finally made it back up to the barn to say hi. It turned out he wanted love more than food at that point and nearly knocked me down rubbing up on me.

It’s nice to know he’s ok and hanging around and good that lil Kat will have a friend to hunt mice with!


I’m publishing this one for Jason with Attwood and I know he’ll appreciate the tractor makeover. It’s just the start but now much of the front end is looking pretty again with REAL tractor tires and not those wacky trailer tires that were put on there. Between the falling over fence posts and loosely strung barb wire to all the trash that was left behind it’s no surprise there were not real tractor tires on this great classic John Deere but, like everything else we’ve worked the last couple years on out here at the farm, he’ll be as good as new soon and Ex seems to be having a blast in the process!