I bet you thought you’d never hear of this much less see pictures. Miss C is NOT afraid of umbrellas. I think the fact that she flew the Holland and trained at a facility where they were doing MAJOR construction the ENTIRE time we were there with 3 massive cranes always moving stuff around, random pieces of construction materials throw about on the ground and alleyways and such has mellowed her out a bit to her surroundings so…

I didn’t think twice about heading out to get her yesterday with the storm that rolled in quick and got us all a little wet. We’re definitely thankful for the rain, the arena can handle it and I do enjoy the opportunity to wear my Däv Rain boots and pop out my matching umbrella!

The least she could do it take the halter from my and put it on herself eh?

So that didn’t work and I had to close the umbrella but it has this awesome feature that you just push the open button again and it collapses all on its own. Carrara thought this feature was a neat as I do!

Actually being out in the rain was quite nice, Carrara didn’t seem to mind either just standing and enjoying it drop down on and around her but she’s had enough playing outside and it was dinnertime anyway.

Thanks Däv Rain for making such stylish and functional products! Check em out at http://www.davrain.com/