My mom will occasionally send me a card for no special reason but seeing the front of this one immediately made it special! When I was a little girl, I’d gallop my Shetland pony around as fast as possible and bareback if allowed pretending I was some wild cowgirl. I dreamed of growing up and becoming a rodeo queen or famous western horse trainer.

So long story short, I guess this card summed up my childhood aspirations pretty well. The quote by Emerson “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” makes me tear up every time I hear/read it as that is what I’ve tried to do in life and especially with HorseGirlTV. I think back to starting this new media production company years ago back before there was ANY video podcasting in the horse world and I think now how there’s tons knock off HorseGirlTV’s out there and many other like sites and it’s gratifying to know to some of those I might have blazed a trail!

Enough reminiscing and on to the card. What a great picture and the girl is wearing HorseGirlTV teal too!