I’ve been trying hard to stop working most evenings by 7 and sit on the back porch to watch the horses and dogs meander while the sun goes down. Life can’t be all busy, busy production and new media work! While that’s fun it’s nice to re-boot the brain and body on the occasion.

It was a perfect afternoon as Ex was able to come home early enough to enjoy it with me. We propped up our feet in the backyard, watching the dogs run around and just sat! How nice. So please do note my toes are HorseGirlTV® teal! Yup, I do get a wild hare every once in a while and paint HorseGirlTV® colors. 😉 First time in 4 years to see me outside of breeches or jeans so for those that will ask, on the ankle is a horse of course!


Here’s another reason for the sitting outside is time to bond with the new kitty. We did adopt the full grown “Lil Dude” and he’s still hanging around but as a grown neutered cat he’s a bit independent so we also now have a kitty that will hopefully bring the Dude around a bit more as he knows her and he likes other cats. She’ll get to move out to the barn as soon as she’s spayed and adjust to the family (including Zita and Picollo). She’s not too keen on Carrara even though Carrara thoroughly enjoyed licking her back the other morning!