So we had massive rains (think buckets of water dumping from the sky). It was so loud pounding on the roof that I woke up and my first thought is how I wished I could look out and watch how the base was battling the rain. The next morning first thing I looked and the base won and MY, MY how did it win. There were puddles of water all around but the base, smooth and perfect without blemishes was just there no puddles, nada! I walked out there and as silly as it seemed I thought how fun it would be to lay down, look at the still rainy sky above and make snow angels in this perfection. I immediately snapped back to reality thinking, those guys would kill me if I ruined their perfect work. Hehe.


The other half will be getting leveled and we’ll have part of the sand delivered to get ready for blending with the GGT footing. I simply can’t wait to see this. It’s going to look amazing!

So I will be installing more kickboard all the way around to make up for the bad local folks work and one final complaint/note to myself is to make sure and hire real pros (like Attwood Equestrian Surfaces) for the entire project so you’re not spending extras for more materials in base and kickboard or anything else. You guys at AES are simply the best!