Anil and Jason, with Attwood Equestrian Surfaces, showed up to do the finish grading only to find out they also had to fix the awful rough grade. What I learned from all this is I should have asked Attwood about doing the entire job from start to finish. They immediately set the laser level and went to work showing me all the errors in the rough grade. Don’t worry is what they said. This is what they do and they can fix it and produce a wonderful arena.

Essentially these guys did our rough grade walking every foot feet to set the grid of the sub-base and how to properly set the base on top of it. It WAS/IS a science and I so respect their work. They were super professional, fun to chat with and just all around nice people!

Anil is a maestro with the Bobcat! Wow, he dusted base with the bucket like a find chef sprinkles on seasoning! What fun to watch!


Did I mention they were hard workers? They started a little after 8 in the morning, worked solid (NO lunch break) until almost 8 in the evening!


Here’s the roller in the sunset.


As if walking a grid with the laser level wasn’t perfect enough, they laser grade the surface!


The ultimate professionals! I’ve never worked with people so passionate and good at what they do when it comes to arena development and working with heavy equipment!