We brought in over 200 tons of base material to be rough graded by the local “pro” land clearing guys. I worked with Morton Trucking and have NOTHING BUT AMAZING THINGS TO SAY ABOUT THEM. Ben, the drivers and everyone I came in contact with at Morton Trucking is awesome. If you’re looking for talented drivers, great product and quality service I HIGHLY recommend these folks! Their website is http://elijahmortontruckinginc.com/ and if you’re in the area and in need of material, please check with them. Awesome folks!

Ben ran 4 trucks for our job that day. Here’s one of the trucks driving and dumping the base for me. The drivers were awesome asking me specific placement for each load and a joy to work with. Their professionalism made my day!

It was the beginning of the end when the local “pro” land clearing guys didn’t phone and didn’t show up until 11:30. I found out their dozer guy didn’t show up and he let it slip the rest of his crew didn’t show up either for other jobs stating they were likely still hung over. Whoa. That’s not so “pro” if you ask me. Ex and I jumped in saying we could do our best with the awesome Kieser Edge to drag and drag for a bit of leveling and the owner of the company informed me they would be back first thing in the morning. Here’s Ex using our modified Kieser Edge! Thanks Scott and ABI Equine!


So essentially they didn’t show up the next morning, they didn’t phone again and I rang them up at 11:30 to find out their dozer guy was still out. How hard would a 2 minute phone call at 8:00 in the morning been? Oh well, I fired them, the owner said he would be there in the afternoon to pick up his dozer and roller and told me to “have my cash ready” so I guess it was about the money and not a good job. Just a funny side note, they showed up to pick up part of the equipment, commented how his dozer was $95,000 and that my job was a small one. I wanted to reply (but bit my tongue) “Your dozer is worth zero unless you have a skilled person to operate it.” So my rant with the local guys is almost over. I promise. 😉

Here’s the arena after Ex and I spent about 5 hours dragging and dragging. The Kieser Edge is brilliant at leveling and so easy to pull!