I should back track a little bit from my previous blog on the “rough grade” as at that time I did think it odd they wanted cash payment and I try to believe people when they tell me something and the owner of the land clearing company directly told me “It’s as good as it’s gonna get. There’s about a 4.5 to 5 inch drop on either side like you asked for and only about a 3 inch drop from one end to the other.” so I was thinking 3 inches across the long side was not TOO bad. So… we begin to build our containment on his rough grade going on that he wasn’t lying. Hmfp!

I need to say it now and say it many times. My partner is a rock star. He is the best. He works hard. He’s the best fence post digger, setter, leveler in the entire state of the North Carolina. Moreover, what I’m proud of is how he is proud of me, supports me, HorseGirlTV and my ambition to represent the US at our Pan American games! That said we can move on to the 132 posts that were dug, the 132 posts that were set in concrete in a near perfect line and over 500 feet of 2 by 8s laid up to make the containment (essentially the box for our sandbox!).

Yes… 132 of these all spaced a few feet apart and 2 feet deep.


ALL of them set in concrete and nice and level.


The post hole dirt moved. Well, most of it at least.


Over 500 feet of kickboard cut and installed. Yes, I helped!


A hot day was made low sweat by my Draper Equine Therapy tee and the nice face cover of my Stübben cap. Thanks Draper and Stübben!!


Now had all this 3 days of work been on a true and honest rough grade we would have been golden! The next step?.. Bring in your base.