While the upper east coast will not likely rally around the title of this blog, a few snow days were welcome here. If the weather is going to be cold and wet and training halted simply because the arena is closed then why not get to enjoy the lovely white stuff? We received about 5 inches overnight to wake in a winter wonderland Saturday morning. This was Zita’s first snow at the farm as she was in training this time last year and missed out on the one (much lighter dusting) we received last winter. Even Picollo got out a bit on the dusting we received up on the porch.

Here’s Zita frolicking in the fresh snow!


Ex even got up early with us on Saturday morning for feeding to witness the wacky Zita play in snow.


Our low tech feeding system isn’t really built with a snow day contigency plan. Just a bit more horse (or in the case) human power to drag the hay and grain through the snow.


To keep the horses toasty warm we shut the top Dutch doors overnight leaving their back windows open for fresh air. Of course Carrara is always excited about morning hay and grain!


As soon as it was warm enough they were turned out in the fields to stretch their legs a bit. They both were quite playful but surprisingly they were both quite careful with their fun! Smart horses!


Here’s the little guy playing around. Man is that horse balanced and athletic!


This is day two of snow and the arena almost free of snow. It’s still lovely. The horses got out yesterday as well for quite a bit longer since much of the backside field snow had melted. Now today it’s quickly melting away and we’ll be looking forward to jumping back into training by Wednesday! It was certainly a fun break!