I’ve been chatting with the company that makes a compressed pine bedding product for a bit now. I love all things innovative and environmentally friendly and their stuff seems to fit the bill on both so I am giving it a trial!

It’s like one – two – three! You dump the bags in the stall. Then you smooth them out level. Then you “just add water” enough to fluff the uncompress pine. Here you go.







I’m really interested to see how well it maintains. So far the horses don’t notice a difference and it’s QUITE easy to pick especially with the Shaken Fork which is a whole nother neat innovative product I am hoping to produce a piece on this season! We’re working a deal for HorseGirlTV® viewers to get 30% off! I think all you have to do is go to Shaken Fork website and when buying use our coupon code HGTV01 for the savings of 60 bucks! More to follow on this neat fork!