So I’m about to start trying out this bedding I found which seems quite innovative. I know nothing first hand but from reading about it. It’s 100% pine sawdust, twice filtered for dust and compressed using 10,000 pounds of pressure into a pelleted form. We’re going to swap bedding this week and start using it. It should be as easy as pouring a few 40 pound bags into the stall, spreading evenly and adding water to fluff. I think the innovative Shaken Fork I use should be perfect for this product actually! A couple reasons why I’m so interested in this bedding?.. We currently have 4 acres so space is a concern and shavings bags do take up a large footprint. These bags in this picture is about a 4 months supply of bedding for 2 horses!! So lower carbon footprint based on the shipping plus much less space requirement at your stable. Another big selling point for me is we’re wanting to compost and taking little steps to sustainability so the less bedding we pull out and more just manure that we pull the smaller and more rich pile we’ll have! Well, I’m excited to try and and SOOOO thankful that I have a job where I can test really innovative products and meet such kewl people in the industry! More to follow and we might even do a webisode on it! So stay tuned or as we say… Tune in. Tack up.