Yes, the gelding doesn’t have a name yet but I’d really like a great name since he’s for resale. He’s just too cute but I don’t want to give him a cutesy name as there’s such great movement in this guy that he needs something a bit more powerful. Well the name aside, he’s doing great and we’re going walk, trot and canter around the arena now and he’s starting to get it. He has great changes in his pasture that I’m kinda bummed my plan is to sell him this year but who knows what will happen. I still have a safety person present and Ex has been that person for me. He snapped a couple of quick photos with the iPhone while I was lunging. I think he’s still a bit too nervous and busy watching to snap some while I’m riding around but we’ll get some soon and post. I’m also planning some video and photo shoot with the mare soon so that should be too much fun and hopefully yield some great footage and images. Oh and for those techie viewers, nope… that isn’t Photoshop! The weather these past few days has been simply amazing! So the grass is still it’s nice winter brown but the sky has been spectacular!


Yes I know I’m lunging with a helmet on but I put it on when we walk out to the court so I don’t forget to attach it to my head before mounting. Tehe!