I was nervous about flying but this was a once in a lifetime chance for training with the best rider in the world and I wasn’t about to let a bit of fear back me out from it. Humberto (of Fly HFR) drove us from the Vetport (I met some FABULOUS people in the quarantine with lovely horses) to check in at the airport and pick up our boarding passes, board and get the prep for flying away! The check-in was fairly painless and I was completely shocked that TSA didn’t stop me with my carry on bag which has all my video equipment in it. Perhaps they have better scanners now and could see it was all video and audio equipment? I had my a comment to my flying colleagues that my bag was a target for TSA and I am appreciated them waiting for me to obtain Picollo’s boarding pass but that I would likely slow them down at the security point as I always get pulled. It was a joke that since I was with a Swiss and a Columbian we might all get tagged. Haha! So that was a nice point. Walking to the jet way I snapped a quick picture of the containers. If you look closely just behind the engine you’ll see a series of white blobs which are the containers with the horses in them. They load them up to the cargo area with a crane. It’s all so amazing to me! Oh and if you’ve taken the JFK or LAX flight to AMS then you’ve quite likely flown with horses in your cargo.