We arrived to Brent’s farm about 11 in the evening Wednesday night. The transport up to Brent’s took about seven and one half hours as the regular drive (no horse box or horse) takes about four and one half. It was long but I was very glad I estimated for a fall out plan and left with lots of extra time. Carrara had drank some water and was eating her hay and apart from a few shifts she was hauling very quiet and comfortable. That Brenderup horse box works like a dream and it was so easy for me to work with by myself!

Brent offered to use his Suburban to tow the rest of the way up to the airport in New York and knowing it’s like driving a Cadilac (complete with seat AC!) I quickly jumped at the chance to drive such a fun/fancy vehicle plus he’s more familiar with it too and since he was dropping me off and making the empty horse box return to DC solo, I thought it would be less stressful on him. OMG! I can’t believe we didn’t get a picture together that day!!!! I just realized I don’t have a photo of us driving up but I was exhausted and stressed and it completely slipped my mind! Dang it! Well, here’s a picture of Brent’s hands driving the last leg to the airport. You’ll see NYC in the background. Thanks Brent. You made my maiden voyage in the new horse box and my send off to Holland so enjoyable. It’s so nice to have such a close horse enthusiast friend and we celebrated several decades of friendship that day (I won’t spill the beans and go into just how many!). Seriously, you’ll need to come visit me!


Okey so did I mention we drove out of Brent’s farm that morning just after three? Yes, only a few hours sleep and back on the road to arrive at the Vetport of JFK about half past nine in the morning. Here’s Picollo just after arriving to Vetport JFK with everything we’ll use for the next several months. I love the simplicity and spareness of living out of a suitcase! Two tack trunks for Carrara (one large and one smaller) and two suitcases for me (one large and one smaller too! actually one is my clothes and the smaller is all the HorseGirlTV video and sound equipment) and then there’s two bags for little Picollo of course!


Here’s Carrara munching on hay in her Vetport stall. They must quarantine there for, I believe it was, seven hours prior to departure. I later pulled her wraps so her legs could enjoy some air and used the comfy padded wraps to make a very uncomfortable bed on top of the tack trunks. Picollo and I curled up together and tried to nap. Hilarious side note is Humberto (the super awesome rock star exporter I worked with!!!!) came in looking for me and to check us in and didn’t see me as we were completely covered with a blanket (yuh it was kinda chilly in New York). I heard him and sat up and he about came out of his skin. I guess I must have looked like a ghost!


This is Carrara and I in her stall. Before preparing to load into the container and fly away!