Al·lit·er·a·tion Pronunciation: ə-ˌli-tə-ˈrā-shən noun circa 1624 : the repetition of usually initial consonant sounds in two or more neighboring words or syllables

Well there is your literary lesson (again with the alliteration) for the day. My weekend was easily summed up in the alliterated blog title with homage to @equichord and @stressagequeen). Let’s see the tractor broke, part of a tree fell on the fence and tore it down, the arena was completely flooded, and that was just farm related topics. It’s interesting how things seem to come crashing down all at the same time. I remember my grandmother, RIP, used to say that bad things happen in threes well gosh grandma, we’re talking multiplication theory right now. But seriously, what else can you do but laugh when things seem so down otherwise you’ll just cry your eyes out which of course we all do time and again. Ex always says (taken from his wise mother of course) that you have the choice each day to be happy and it truly is a choice.

In the last three years (pre-launch anniversary coming up this labor day, thanks @novatago) I’ve dedicated my time to new media development in hopes to revolutionize production in the equine industry by creating what I hope will be an educational and entertaining series about horses and horse people. I’ve been fortunate enough to talk with amazingly talented Olympians, humble cowboys, top FEI Reiners , police officers who create the bond with the community through love of equine, fabulous foxhunting families (alliteration abounds!) and so many more. The HorseGirlTV series has lent me the opportunity to go to The Netherlands to train with the best dressage rider on the planet, Anky van Grunsven and I’m looking forward to doing a few fun interviews with amazing international riding talents like Joyce Heuitink and staples in the industry like Ralph Stübben of Stübben Saddles.

Being that this is the horse world where ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is considered subjective I’ve come under fire. Some serious fire these last few years! I’ve been called every name in the book by anti-foxhunters. Seriously, EVERY name – including some UK insults that were new to me. I’ve been accused of hurting my horse with the riding system I choose to study. I’ve been called a suck up to cops. I’ve been slammed because I haven’t done anti-slaughter or anti-racing webisodes. I’ve even been chastised for how I wrap standing wraps and bandages. Wait one darn tooting minute! No one told me by trying to revolutionize the horse world I would need some seriously thick skin. Again, I just have to laugh it off.

What’s the lesson here? The lesson I am still learning from a lifetime of horses, over a decade in IT & new media with the last three years specialized in horse lovers is not too surprisingly, Buddhist in nature. If you focus on the positive and try to help others with what you’re doing not solely focusing on self then no matter what anyone says to you or how they feel about what you’ve produced, you’ve done your best to put out positive vibes to the universe and that’ll somehow come back to you. How has it come back to me? I am hopelessly and utterly in love with the man of my dreams who I never believed existed and has been the best partner anyone could ask for these last three years. I have the cutest paralyzed doxy on the planet and a incredibly fun to watch weimaraner pup. I get to ride a highly talented mare who gives her all even if I don’t ask for it all that well and who’s going to become even more of a moving machine with Anky’s expert lessons. I receive the NICEST emails from folks who tell me how they have bonded as a family through my series. People who said they continue to learn and be inspired by the show. Young riders who are so excited I virtually connected them to an Olympian by asking a question they requested answered. AND overall… I have a fabulous fan-base for the series that leads the way in quality online equine entertainment for the whole family.

Just remember like Ex’s mom says, you have the choice everyday to be happy. It’s a conscious decision. Now… go out there, grab a tiger by the tail and take on the world!