It’s back to the farm and immediately back to work of course. Thanks for the reality check Frank & CeCe! “Things slowing down after World Cup.” Seriously…. what was I thinking?!?! LOL!

Let’s see it was digitizing and editing suite stuff at the top of the week locked behind the illumated iMac screen for hours on end, riding my amazing mare and getting her back into form in the afternoons, more editing suite stuff after dark, sleep and back up to start all over again.

Yesterday I’d had enough of computer land and took a break to paint our front gate. Green to red which should match the roof to the barn quite well. Let’s see tho, I painted the gate, my arms and my shirt too! Still, not to bad for a non-pro I must admit!

Below in process:


This morning. Yup, it looks nice in the light of day too!