I had a GREAT time with the girls in Vegas. We went to see Le Rêve the last night in town and it was in true Cirque Du Soliel style, fabulous!


The World Cup was super! I got to finally meet a few of the shows sponsors and talk shop. Latigo Equestrian dressed me in the most stylish riding apparel for my interview with Debbie McDonald. Watching the warm-up, of course, was the best part and it was just terrific to get to see the most talented riders our world has to offer  in one location. To venture into unPolicitially Correct territory, I honestly think Isabel was robbed of the title but it’s really hard to say. Her kur was steady, classic and technically correct while Stefan took a few risks, offered a more modern artistic feel but had two serious mis-steps. Oh well. I’m not an “O” judge. And of course, Anky and Painted were the most talented moving pair! Ok, back down off my un PC soap box.

Bye, bye World Cup and I’m looking forward to getting home to my dogs and pony!