It’s one year today of delivering the best equine-based video podcast online!

My how time flies when you are having WAY TOO much fun! A year ago today a band of podcasting mavericks stepped into the bleeding edge world of video podcasting with a dream to produce the #1 equine-based series online! With the best production house in the podcasting biz, a biz dev team of dotcom proportions, creative talents that could walk alongside Goya and Picasso and the most supportive group of family and friends success was simply imminent. HorseGirlTV has grown exponentially in its initial year and if fast looking forward to its bright future with some top interviews, reviews and previews in our line up! Thanks for watching and thanks for supporting HorseGirlTV! Check it out! Tune in. Tack up.

Just Launched TODAY:
How To Custom Fit Your Boots • Not in an area where you can get professionally fitted? No worries! Learn from the best!
If you want custom fitting boots, it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Well there is a few more than three steps but custom fitting boot measurements are not that hard. Watch and learn from Dehner Boot Company President, Jeff Ketzler.

Next Up This Month!
Training the US Park Police Candidates • Take a look inside the US Park Police training and meet a few of the candidates! Two part series!!
Ever wanted a career in law enforcement or wanted a job where you could incorporate your love of horses? Check into an exciting and rewarding career as a member of the prestigious US Park Police!

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Story Submission • A Pony Named Dapples by Equamore Foundation President

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