HorseGirlTV is going strong with lots of exciting new things coming and I’ve grown tired of working full-time on my adorable little 12″ Powerbook so I started shopping around for a desktop Mac the last 1.5 months. I’ve gone around and around about what, how big, how much RAM and what I really need verse really want. We can shop at the Marine Corp Exchange (AKA “the MCX”) buying tax free and fortunately for me MCX is an Authorized Apple Reseller offering most Mac products at $10 off the Apple Store prices SO… yesterday (and after much research) I bought myself a 24″ iMac! It’s, hands down, the nicest (and sexiest) machine I’ve had in my career! I spent the evening (note the wine glass) setting it up and we watched in 1920×1200 glory an episode of The Office at finishing the night off with an iTunes rented Transformers. Did I mention this machine IS HOT!?!

Thanks to Charley for the push. As always you give good advice, a kind shoulder and inspire the tech geek in me!

Also pictured is my new orchid and in the background a couple of our herbs. Unfortunately you can’t see Ex’s interesting house plant but we’ll blog them later.