So another year comes to a halt and I’m wondering where it all went? This time last year was horrible. I’d returned to the states from Spain for the wrong reasons, Picollo had become paralyzed and we were both trapped in Texas for the duration. Then there was my whole returning to “live” in LA which was for certain a learning experience, Sage and Elise’s incredible wedding and up to Seattle for the summer to train with Gwen on Joewell, San Francisco for Dallas and Vida’s wedding and then my “stop-over” in Ashland to see Nicole. Let’s hope 2007 finds me a bit more wise and stable in my life. There will be moves here and there but I’m hoping I’m better prepared to make the smart and thoughtful choices this time around!

I’ve really enjoyed hanging in Ashland with my friends and have made a few new ones that are now near and dear to my heart. The gals at Lara’s farm, the new Sheep friends have enhanced my Ashland experience all the more! I wish I didn’t have to leave but know I MUST go as I’ll probably never have this opportunity again. Life isn’t always about the easy way and I’m well versed in this. Having Joewell, at this time, with these connections that I need to foster are too aligned not to follow through. What state I come back to at this point is anyone’s guess, including my own? All I know is this preparation of paperwork, I’m gonna be holding the veterinarian’s little hand as he processes the paperwork to make sure everything is done in a timely fashion and we get out of the country as planned with no more additional expenses.

So I guess I ventured off the beaten path of talking about THIS New Year’s Eve. The long and short?.. it was a great night, playing hostess with Susan, hanging with Kari and , a short night’s sleep at the Ashland Springs Hotel and New Year’s Day brunch shared with , Charley and Nate. What more could a girl ask for on the first day of the year but to spend it with three incredibly good-looking, talented and kind people!

Happy New Year!