“Merry Christmas you ole building and loan!” I’ve long since desired the whole Bill Bailey Christmas. That experience of a rather large extended family bundled together inside by the fire with everyone drinking, eating and making merry. And… I’ve actually had it on several levels. This year was at Susan’s making stuffing, pies, cranberry sauce and the like. It was a small but fun group. The day made me reflect on what should be important to me. Right now my focus is somewhat self-centered in getting to Europe, training and learning as much as I can in my time abroad but my family of friends (old and new) is and has been so crucial to my happiness. I should definitely revisit this issue as the new year approaches and incorporate it into my plan over the next year.

Apart from Christmas day reflects, it was a fundamentally eclectic day filled with the usual cooking and drinking as well as the unusual fire bikes, feeding of the goats and general randomness of the group I shared it with. Definitely a sweet day!