The Green Children Rock On Tuesdays Untacked

February 12, 2013

It’s Tuesdays Untacked again and I’m so excited about sharing this fabulous duo who weave a wicked rhyme. It’s The Green Children. Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan comprise this self-written and self-produced European duo. Mila hails from Norway while Marlow from England. They met at the music school established by Sir Paul McCartney, LIPA. The pair relocated to LA and rapidly secured a contract with Universal Music Group. Shackled by the chains major labels regale, they decided to leave and in 2010 released their debut album with Spinside Records led by renowned musician Jackson Browne.

Listening to their albums one might envision themselves walking through a dimly lit forest of weaping willows, limbs trailing along their fingertips while looking around every turn for sprites or elves yet simultaneous wanting to break out with a dance club fist pump. Their electro beats are not heavy but ever present and its just easy, enjoyable listening for any point of the day.

My favorite of their albums is by far Encounter with my horsey girl top track “Dragons” but I also love “We’re the Future” and how it speaks so clearly to our modern day challenges. Of course buy the album, listen to the lyrics and you’ll see these two are about more than just making music. They are about making change.