The 8th Day of HorseGirlTV – Rider & Horse Back to Back DVD Set!

January 1, 2012

On the 8th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        Rider & Horse Back to Back DVD Set

A huge CONGRATS to Paige Cerulli who posted a comment via the HorseGirlTV Blog page!

This was Paige Cerulli’s comment, “My favorite episode is the “Proper Muscle and Joint Care” episode, found here: My Ex-racehorse has arthritis in her hocks, so any tips on making her more comfortable are always welcome. As a certified equine massage therapist, I also appreciate that the video (briefly) addressed the necessity of warming up muscles, and the fact that massage can help with that before hard work.”

Please contact us via with your ship addy!

About the DVDs: In this DVD, von Dietze explores how the back is at the heart of every movement of the rider on horseback, and yet it is too often a weak point for a living being who spends most of his or her time sitting down. She provides more than 50 practical exercises, both in the arena and on the longe line, for “back-friendly” training. The DVD also offers many practical tips to improve “feel” while moving your own back in a better way. You¹ll discover how to work around your body’s weaknesses and use positive training to prevent straining, invaluable knowledge for every rider and trainer. Susanne von Dietze is a physiotherapist, riding instructor, and upper level dressage rider. Her background in physiotherapy enables her to understand the complex physical relationship essential between horse and rider. Buy Yours Online – $60 DVDs, $20 Book.

See you tomorrow for the announcement for 9th Day of HorseGirlTV to find out who will win the FITS Fleece Bump Shirt. Cozy & comfy!

Congratulations Paige Cerulli!!!!

AND you can still enter to win so hurry as the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV® will fly by!..!