In The Midst, A Realization

January 29, 2012

This is going to be short and sweet because I’m honestly “in the midst” of packing, organizing and preparing for a 12 hour + transport down to Wellington this coming week. The horse box is clean, the tack room is in shambles because of packing decisions. I was stressed out yesterday wondering why it’s so much more challenging packing for a couple months in the south of Florida than it was for several months training in Holland. Wait a minute?! Poor me??

In my morning stress of “how am I going to fit all this stuff” and “what should I and shouldn’t I take” dilemas I had a realization. It’s at these times when I feel like a complete dummy. I’m all stressed out over this rather than being focused on the amazing opportunity for training, getting to be around high performance peers and what a super opportunity for HorseGirlTV that this actually is. I look back at the last decade of my amazing life and pondered…

Think about it Angelea, my birthday is coming up and I’m getting to spend it again with the best doxy on the planet in West Palm Beach adjacent. Maybe a handful of my long term, life changing friends will come visit even!? Then I found it hard to believe that it was almost 10 years ago Picollo and I shared my birthday together in LA at Chateau Marmont where he had his way with Matthew McConaughey’s black lab, Miss Hunt, we hung poolside with D&G models and got invited to the Moulin Rogue cast party that night! This was pre-paralyzed doxy, pre-Madrid life, pre-Grand Prix competition & pre-marriage. So much has happened in only the last 10 years! Wow! So, I stopped, snapped a few picture of the current packing chaos and smiled at all the fortunes I’ve been bestowed in life!

Hope you can reflect today on all your amazing experiences and look forward to all those yet to come. 🙂

Okey. Back to packing!…