The equibarre Fitness DVD Is Almost Here!

September 28, 2012

Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m so excited to announce the equibarre fitness DVD has almost arrived and just in time to add to your holiday shopping list!

We shot equibarre at a lovely facility in Ashland, Oregon and had a blast doing so. Yes it was shot IN the indoor and my workout partners were a horse and rider!

I’m really excited about the DVD going on sale next week. I’m even more excited about the price and packaging! I’ve always tried to think forward with HorseGirlTV and often that’s put me on the bleeding edge yet always near the leading edge! The old school, plastic Amaray cases ARE cheaper BUT we chose to go with a greener packaging using less post consumer product. It’s a bit more expensive but the eco-friendly aspect was worth more to me. I bet you’re saying “Ut-oh!” to yourself right now and thinking ‘so how much is the equibarre fitness DVD going to cost me?’ and the answer is a nice one… So go ahead and guess how much it’s going to be?
$69.95? you ask NO!
$39.95? you reply NO!
Yes, yes, us horsey types are used to buying things overpriced but I made a point to keep the equibarre fitness DVD priced according to mainstream exercise material at $24.95! Just because it has a horse on it doesn’t mean it should be marked up double!! Right?!

Here’s another kicker! I’m taking pre-orders for the next week ONLY (28 September to 5 October 2012) for $15.95!

The equibarre fitness DVD pre-sale special ended October 5th. You can also order from Amazon HERE.