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May 4, 2012

We just launched the latest HorseGirlTV Classics Life Of A Modern Day Cowboy In America with Richard Damon. This is a brilliant throw back to early HorseGirlTV content shot in the beautiful Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley.
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For those ever curious about my day to day, I’ve decided to work on a “what I eat” journal to empower my desire to shift away from processed and towards whole foods. The first entry, The Path To Whole Foods – What I Ate Today is online at

After a fabulous and compact winter in Wellington, it’s made me want to do some serious streamlining with my personal and equine lifestyle therefore, I’ve gone through my closets and tack room and am listing TONS of items on eBay at I’ve decided the funds will go in my special “Wellington Fund” for upcoming training. Items include some seriously rocking breeches and other fine apparel both new and previously worn, horse saddles, bridles, pads, books & DVDs, technical gear including and upcoming listing for my iPhone 3GS as well as possibly my iPad!

In the spirit of shopping we’re going to start re-defining the HorseGirlTV Webshop. Yes, I was surprised to find out that many fans had NO idea we have a Webshop selling HorseGirlTV Official Merchandise, fantastic apparel and even offer the absolute BEST price (meeting and beating any regular advertised price) on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program. Check it out at and get your buy and click on!

Some of you guys know I’m a candidate in the USDF L Program. It’s my life long dream to be an international rider and make the top 12 to represent at Gladstone so I’m not 1000% about becoming an official judge. That said, the education the L Program imparts is amazing and I’m really enjoying the process. I have the best scribe in the industry and look forward to completing the program here soon. At least the Part I is a must for anyone looking for the insiders/judges view of riding tests. It’s a firehose of information but the content is fabulous. Last weekend I attended the D2 session in Houston and was fortunate enough to watch Courtney King-Dye have a go at obtaining a qualifying spot for London 2012 Para-Equestrian Olympics. Here’s the tweet picture of her freestyle

TGIF and a super weekend to you all! Happy Derby!

In The Midst, A Realization

January 29, 2012

This is going to be short and sweet because I’m honestly “in the midst” of packing, organizing and preparing for a 12 hour + transport down to Wellington this coming week. The horse box is clean, the tack room is in shambles because of packing decisions. I was stressed out yesterday wondering why it’s so much more challenging packing for a couple months in the south of Florida than it was for several months training in Holland. Wait a minute?! Poor me??

In my morning stress of “how am I going to fit all this stuff” and “what should I and shouldn’t I take” dilemas I had a realization. It’s at these times when I feel like a complete dummy. I’m all stressed out over this rather than being focused on the amazing opportunity for training, getting to be around high performance peers and what a super opportunity for HorseGirlTV that this actually is. I look back at the last decade of my amazing life and pondered…

Think about it Angelea, my birthday is coming up and I’m getting to spend it again with the best doxy on the planet in West Palm Beach adjacent. Maybe a handful of my long term, life changing friends will come visit even!? Then I found it hard to believe that it was almost 10 years ago Picollo and I shared my birthday together in LA at Chateau Marmont where he had his way with Matthew McConaughey’s black lab, Miss Hunt, we hung poolside with D&G models and got invited to the Moulin Rogue cast party that night! This was pre-paralyzed doxy, pre-Madrid life, pre-Grand Prix competition & pre-marriage. So much has happened in only the last 10 years! Wow! So, I stopped, snapped a few picture of the current packing chaos and smiled at all the fortunes I’ve been bestowed in life!

Hope you can reflect today on all your amazing experiences and look forward to all those yet to come. 🙂

Okey. Back to packing!…

The 8th Day of HorseGirlTV – Rider & Horse Back to Back DVD Set!

January 1, 2012

On the 8th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        Rider & Horse Back to Back DVD Set

A huge CONGRATS to Paige Cerulli who posted a comment via the HorseGirlTV Blog page!

This was Paige Cerulli’s comment, “My favorite episode is the “Proper Muscle and Joint Care” episode, found here: My Ex-racehorse has arthritis in her hocks, so any tips on making her more comfortable are always welcome. As a certified equine massage therapist, I also appreciate that the video (briefly) addressed the necessity of warming up muscles, and the fact that massage can help with that before hard work.”

Please contact us via with your ship addy!

About the DVDs: In this DVD, von Dietze explores how the back is at the heart of every movement of the rider on horseback, and yet it is too often a weak point for a living being who spends most of his or her time sitting down. She provides more than 50 practical exercises, both in the arena and on the longe line, for “back-friendly” training. The DVD also offers many practical tips to improve “feel” while moving your own back in a better way. You¹ll discover how to work around your body’s weaknesses and use positive training to prevent straining, invaluable knowledge for every rider and trainer. Susanne von Dietze is a physiotherapist, riding instructor, and upper level dressage rider. Her background in physiotherapy enables her to understand the complex physical relationship essential between horse and rider. Buy Yours Online – $60 DVDs, $20 Book.

See you tomorrow for the announcement for 9th Day of HorseGirlTV to find out who will win the FITS Fleece Bump Shirt. Cozy & comfy!

Congratulations Paige Cerulli!!!!

AND you can still enter to win so hurry as the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV® will fly by!..!

The 7th Day of HorseGirlTV – A Jumpline Designs Centerline Ring!

January 1, 2012

On the 7th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        A Jumpline Designs Centerline Ring!

A huge CONGRATS to Clara who posted a comment via the HorseGirlTV Blog page!

This was Clara’s comment, “My favourite HorseGirlTV episode was “Learn About Competitive Reining” with John Irish ( , because it’s a discipline I find exciting but, as a strictly dressage girl, knew nothing about! It was neat to see that it is relatively complex, and hear John talk about the wear on the horses. It ended up sparking enough of my interest that I took a few reining lessons at a local quarter horse barn, which were an absolute blast! It didn’t sway me away from dressage, but it was fun to try something new. :-)”

Please contact us via with your ship addy!

About Jumpline Designs Centerline Ring: Set of three individual bands enable you to learn the dressage court letters while you work, ride, or play. Made of brushed stainless steel with polished accents, these rings add a simple elegance to any outfit. Buy Yours Online – $49.99.

See you tomorrow for the announcement for 8th Day of HorseGirlTV to find out who will win the Rider & Horse Back to Back DVD Set. Educational!

Congratulations Clara!!!!

AND you can still enter to win so hurry as the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV® will fly by!..!