Taupe Is The New Black!

December 9, 2011

Okey so maybe taupe is not the Prêt-à-Porter Fashion Week color of choice this year but after a little research, I think taupe could be the new black! This is at least where we’re talking about Taupe FITS Wind Pro Breech and Wind Pro Stud Jacket are concerned. My new winter wear arrived this week and just in time for a drop in temps AND with the standard winter riding garments as black and dull as most winter backgrounds it was an uplifting sight.

We should first establish why taupe is kewl… It’s subtle and chic and matches heaps of other colors.

What goes with taupe?..

Okey so black is so kewl because it also goes with everything. It’s stark and you’ll stand out. It’s figure flattering especially if you pair it with black up top and taupe down below. I don’t know how, but I don’t have a solid black riding shirt to speak of in short or long sleeves so this one was out for me with my new fab set.

White is kewl because it keeps you cool yet in the winter on the eastern shores on NC that’s not a huge issue. While I’m totally looking forward to donning my FITS White Seersucker (hopefully in the competition sandbox as well) down in Florida this winter it’s not my top pick for training this time of year when mud seems to mulitply no matter how clean you keep things.

Ding! Lightbulb! Reaching beyond my new outfit I can pair this most awesome FITS Stud jacket in taupe with my FITS Laura Denim Breeches AND what a fabulous combo to wear into town for lunch, the market then back home in time to feed all the while a stylish little diva! Go one step further, and no I don’t have one, but a denim shirt with this combo would be completely rocking!

So we’ve established taupe is neurtal and anything goes with it but why not, especially if it’s your winter wear, add a bright color OR TWO to the combo? This comes to my long, draw out and mostly frivilous decision that I narrowed down to a bright turqoise or a bright hot pink to wear with my new FITS Wind Pro breeches and the matching Stud jacket for today’s training. It was hot pink today so tomorrow’s training will be the bright turquoise.

Yes, this isn’t my normal fare and I’m not sure why I got so incredibly excited when the Wind Pro Stud jacket arrived last night but I am a girl and doesn’t that entitle me to focus on fashion, colors and what I’m going to train in ever-so-often? I will pass along tho that the time I spent thinking about what direction I would take my Friday training and reflecting on this past week’s training achievements did FAR out weigh the fashion conundrum so my head is in the right place. 🙂

What’s your favorite riding outfit and why? Feel free to leave your comments below and thanks in advance for sharing! Oh, don’t forget to enter The 12 Days of HorseGirlTV give away for up to 3 chances to win over $1000 in horsey gifts! Enter The 12 Day of HorseGirlTV! It’s free and easy!