Slide or die! How cute is that name? Being that I’m a huge fan of all things reining and a childhood western rider, I totally appreciate the western themes! I am wearing my pink 3 rules Slide or Die tee as I write this post. It goes without saying it’s kewl! Duh?! I’m wearing it! Tehe! No seriously, it’s cool in a literal and fashion sense, it’s quite comfy, it’s a nice fit without hugging and the logo is simply too fun!

What is slide or die? Slide or Die is a clothing brand dedicated to professionals of western riding and all those who have a passion for horses. For those who wish to wear their passion every day.

 Slide or Die is not just a logo, it is a philosophy for life. 
For those who dream about being in the arena 
from the time they wake-up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night and every other waking hour.

 But Slide or Die is not just that. It’s following a passion without taking it too seriously.

 It is dedicated to all those who work and compete in the industry and for those who simply love and are devoted to horses. Slide or Die is an invitation to open the doors to the wild side of your soul and to begin following it everywhere.

I have the super cute pink rules and the Slide or Die v-necks in black and red. You can check them out online for yourself at Slide or Die in Red, Slide or Die in Black, and, Judges Rules in Pink!