I wouldn’t say Hansel is a full-on prima donna but he is a well cared for equine. I spend more time analyzing his feeding program than my own and he has an assortment of products and services that cater to making his life comfy for the well-tuned athlete that he is. I turned him out the other day and had to snap the picture as he looked like a NASCAR driver with all the branding that was all over him. From his ears to down to his hooves he was well adorned with proper horse care products. Starting at his ears he has his Absorbine Ultrashield Fly Mask with Ears Horse which I’ve gotten THREE seasons out of thus far and it’s still going strong and showing no signs of wear after repeat machine wash and dryer cycles. Wow!

Then there is his Kool Coat Airstream Detach-A-Neck Fly Sheet which I go off and on with the neck quite easily depending upon how much wind and heat we have. I’ve also gotten THREE seasons out of this one and it too washes and dries über well! In fact it’s in the dryer now and ready to go on him after training this morning!

Next we move down to the leg wraps where he gets turned out in his Professional’s Choice Leather Protective Boot which are likewise in the wash ready for dryer and post training use in his turn out. I really like the fleece on the inside of these especially in the hot summer months as they breath well and keep bacteria down as a result!

I’m definitely in love with his Professional’s Choice Quick-Wrap Bell Boots as they get used almost all day whether it’s in training or turn out. I’ve had this pair for going on 3 years now and they are in SUPER condition. I’ve really been considering getting him 2 pairs in white for training as they don’t roll, don’t rub, apply easy, stay on, and wash well!

Hansel’s Davis Bell Boots are super for his turn out. He doesn’t train in them as he’s such a BIG mover they tend to rub on the occasion and I try to keep in check with any friction caused from training. But for turn out they just hose off outdoors, hang dry and are ready for their next use. They definitely offer a stellar protection options.

As for his all over protection, my favorite fly spray is Absorbine UltraShield range with my favs from that range being the Green and the EX. I actually spritz the Green on myself pre-rides to help with personal fly detering. I posted a coupon you can print online at http://blog.horsegirltv.com/2012/05/absorbine-printable-coupon/ and I believe it’s good for both online and local tack store shopping!