I’ve been using a variety of Perri’s Leather products this past year and thought I should do a little review of some of my favorites.

My introduction to Perri’s stuff was when I bought their Fleece Lined Bell Boots from Equestrian Collections this time last year. I used them daily for riding and we train hard and they’ve held up well. One of the two velcro tabs has finally broken loose but they are still usable so I think that’s a good test of a bell boot plus they don’t rub, look great and are easy to wash in the machine then let sit overnight to dry.

A few weeks later I got their Amish made leather draw reins and have used them off and on when needed in training and the quality of the leather is hands down way superior to anything I’ve had.

I was then fortunate enough to have Weatherbeeta provide the absolute best blanket I’ve ever had for the “How To Fit A Blanket” webisode and Perri’s sent a super cute matching leather halter with teal padding for the shoot. They also have these super kewl matching leads as well as matching dog leash and collar and are simply the BEST quality. Again they are Amish made and seriously super quality plus so pretty to look at with the nice bright padding. The stable we’re at in Wellington suggests that we turnout with the halter over the fly mask in the paddocks and of course Hansel rolls multiple times and gets it super dusty and dirty but a simple wipe down with a damp cloth and it’s back to pristine brand new look.

Moving on up in the training, I’ve experimented with some long lining twice to practice half steps and their long lines are instantly comfy in the hands, perfect length and much better than the last paid I had which broke down after only a few years use plus I have a lunge line that I use not only for lunging my horse, my neighbors horses but likewise for loading and unloading. Since I typically load solo, I take and run the lunge through the box, out the door and around so I can still hang on loosely when going behind to put up the bum bar and closing it up. This gets it quite dirty but the black color with a little rinse with water and it’s super duper once again.

Let’s see what else?.. I’ve been looking at their bridles the last couple of months. Being a striking chestnut, I was thinking how cute Hansel would look in a chocolate bridle and I’ve been wanting to ask if they make a chocolate version of their dressage crank bridle.

It’s up in the air but I do think it would be a super fun webisode to interview one of their Amish crafts people from PA. It would be the second Amish interview after the “Amish Built Modular Barns” webisode which was just SO much fun with Jake at J&N Structures who came down from PA to install our stable in 3 hours!

If you have any suggestions or questions about any products you’d be interested in hearing about, please let me know. I’m happy to try stuff and blog on feedback. I’ve been very fortunate to be able to try lots of super products and there is just so much great stuff out there!

Thanks for reading and happy riding!