On the 9th Day of HorseGirlTV my true host gave to me…
        A FITS Fleece Bump Shirt!

A huge CONGRATS to our TWO winners Trish Murphey & Shannon Dahmer who tagged HorseGirlTV on Facebook AND posted a comment via the HorseGirlTV Blog page!

This was Trish Murphey’s comment, “My favorite episode is the Wild Horses of Shackleford banks. Episode https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=4268. One reason that it is my favorite is because it is an episode filmed on location and is close to where I live. But the best part is the narration of the conflict between the two stallions by Sue, the wildlife biologist. She practically predicts some of the behaviors before they actually happen. It really demonstrates her knowledge of the horses on the banks. Great job!”

Shannon Dahmer tagged HorseGirlTV on this Facebook post saying the Patrolling with the Mounted Police (https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?p=436) was her favorite episode.

Please contact us via http://contact.horsegirltv.com with your ship addys!

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See you tomorrow for the announcement for 9th Day of HorseGirlTV to find out who will win the Perri’s Leather Padded Halter, Snaffle Padded Bracelet & Padded Bit Key chain!. Farm friendly!

Congratulations Trish & Shannon!!!!

AND you can still enter to win so hurry as the 12 Days of HorseGirlTV® will fly by!.. http://blog.horsegirltv.com/2011/12/over-1000-in-horsey-gifts-the-12-days-of-horsegirltv/!