I’ve had quite a few fans recently email in and ask what type of helmet I ride in. After sending the replies I realized I should just put together a blog about it.

I have been riding in the Troxel Grand Prix Classic now for several years and it came in most handy when breaking in a young, über atheltic horse who’d been backed only 5 times as he decided it was a good idea to play bucking bronco. I came off and landed on the left side of my head. Ka-POW! Fortunately my helmet was tested to still be in great shape and since I had the helmet on, my skull was likewise in good shape with only my pride broken on the x-rays. 🙂

I picked the Troxel Grand Prix Classic because as the name boasts, it has a classic look with the velvet and the strappings seems to be small enough not to over power my tiny head and at under $100 it was a great quality helmet that was equally great on the pocketbook.

It’s a bit more pricey than my Troxel Grand Prix Classic but I have always thought the look of the Charles Owen Wellington Classic to be extremely keen. It’s pretty much the same traditional look of my helmet but I really like the low profile. It’s priced just under $250 which when one factors in brain surgery it’s simply a steal!

Averaging $50, the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Helmet is definitely a stylish, economical option and while it’s a little less on the traditional side one can always buy the nifty helmet covers in velvet if you’d like to dress it up.

Whatever you end up getting, check to make sure it’s SEI certified and to keep abreast of the latest in helmet technologies, giveaways and other fun stuff, you can always follow our friends Riders4Helmets at http://twitter.com/riders4helmets and let them know you heard about them from Angelea!

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