I recently blogged about a cool vegan line that Dansko had and got some great feedback from fans on that blog. Thanks folks! I followed up on your feedback and found a little more about these vegan options as well as some new innovations on the traditional Dansko favorites.

I discovered the Sanibel line offers a great series of solid color vegan options so for those of you out there that prefer solid, animal-free products over patterns on your footwear, you’re in luck!

I have the Sanibel Volley Black Box in size 37 (they also have a more tennis shoe version called the Veda) and I felt they are true to my standard size, a great fit from the first try on, broke in quickly and are they go from stable to street seamlessly.

I pack light these days with travels and they were a super decision for my flights to and from the USDF L Program out in Oregon recently. We all know security is a challenge to get though these days so popping the clogs on and off were simple and one of the TSA agents in PDX even complemented them saying she had heard they were great for people who stood on their feet all day. Definitely true! I just told her dansko.com with a smile! 🙂

In my previous blog I mentioned I finally retired my brown leather Dansko’s after 12 long years of service both in the sandbox and out and these new Dansko Sanibel Black Box clogs looks to offer the same in quality and craftsmanship that us horse folks have come to expect from the Dankso family.

These are a must have for your Spring/Summer competition line up but with the variety of colors they are offered in, you could carry them over into your Fall/Winter as well.

When I’m not wearing these with my breeches, I enjoy wearing them with a fitted thermal paired with baggie sailor tousers OR go the other end of the spectrum and wear them with black leggings and a babydoll dress. Both equally comfy!

So the exciting news for HorseGirlTV fans is I went as far as contacting Dansko directly and asking if they would be willing to donate a pair that we could give away to our fans and they said YES! So, you can enter the contest on Facebook or Twitter! It’s simple. Find out how online at https://blog.horsegirltv.com/?page_id=1525

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