Now it’s possible to be almost 100% vegan in your stable lifestyle. Step right up to the Dansko Vegan Pro! Famous for delivering a comfortable and supportive design, Dansko has gone one step (tehe) further with these 100% animal-free shoes. They are made entirely of vegan materials yet share the exact same construction and frame as the original us horse folks have grown to love around the yard, at competition and around town. These work with or without socks so you can sock your way right through winter and free-toe it in to your spring and summer months. A quick shopping search reveals they average $125 per pair.

Now this HorseGirl hasn’t personally tried them but if they are anything like the traditional Dansko clogs they’ll be an immediately perfect fit, support and style. My last pair of Dansko clogs “blew out” this past fall after 12 years. YES TWELVE YEARS of service both in and out of the dressage court it was time to retire them so perhaps it’s time to give these new Vegan Pros a try? Maybe the lovely folks at Dansko will send us a pair to test here at HorseGirlTV and possibly even give away a pair to our fans? Let’s just ask and find out!

If you happen to have a pair, I’d love to hear you comments. Please send any thru the HorseGirlTV Contact form online!