I’m often approached to try products and do enjoy the opportunity to test new and existing items on the market and I blog about many that are either innovative, practical or just plain kewl for the horse world. I was contacted this past year about trying some neat panties called SkiVvys and they are one – just plain cute, two – super comfy and three – a great panty for riding for a variety of reasons. I wanted to share them with you. HorseGirlTV® is giving away a pair of these neat panties via our Facebook page so just click here for the easy step to enter to WIN! Here’s some info about the SkiVvys!..

SkiVvys are “the prettiest protection you’ll ever wear” and brilliant for riders because as we all know breeches are some of the most unforgiving pants a woman will encounter. They are fairly tight and if you are a dressage rider, they are both tight and white! White or light colors are fine for three weeks out of the month, but for that one more difficult week, the white breeches cause a panic! Enter Vv SkiVvys! Vv SkiVvys are a soft, comfortable, thin, pretty, machine washable pair of protective panties developed by a rider and her sisters. The remarkable thing about Vv SkiVvys is the leak resistant leg openings. The panties are waterproof and leak resistant even in the most difficult of situations.

These panties will help you ride with confidence! You no longer have to plan horse shows or long training sessions around “that time of the month”! Panties feature a soft cotton outside with a wicking light fabric on the inside to keep you cool and dry. Vv SkiVvys are available in a sporty bikini and a vintage full coverage panty in the colors pink or tan. Some of our customers have called them the “Magic Pants”! Vv SkivVys are made in the USA. Vv SkiVvys are available online at www.VvskiVvys.com.