The holidays are officially here and at HorseGirlTV this means trying out great new holiday homemade horse treats. Here are a few of our homemade favorites!

Pumpkin Surprise: You’ll enjoy watching your horse with his treat as much as he’ll enjoy eating it! Take a small pumpkin, cut off top and remove all insides (but sure to get all seeds). Fill it with grain, pears, carrots, peppermints, apples, bananas or whatever fruit you have on hand. Replace the top and serve to your horse.

Oatmeal Cookies:

2 cups dry oatmeal, ½ cup grated carrots, 3 Tablespoons Molasses, ½ cup brown sugar

Combine all ingredients. Add enough water to make mixture soft. Form cookies and place on a lightly greased cookie sheet. Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown.

Peppermint Surprise:

1 cup molasses, 1 cup dry oatmeal or oats, ½ cup chopped carrots, 1 diced apple, 4 peppermints – crushed, 1 Tablespoon sugar

Mix and serve.