Mary Ellen from Durham, North Carolina emailed in and asked, “Hey Angelea! I was wondering if you would recommend any specific winter riding breech? I am going to get some once it gets closer to winter, but I’d like your opinion on which winter breeches I should get.”

I thought this best to answer via the blog since we can share it with everyone and fall is fast approaching. I’ve personally never found breeches made for winter wear all that comfy. They have seemed bulky and as if they interfered with the close contact so I ride in FITS and the Anky TC breeches all year round. I do wear a longer coat when grooming and tacking then usually warm up my horse with a fleece blanket on which I conveniently tuck over my legs as well. Once you and your horse are warmed up I don’t think you really need special winter breeches.

Here’s a picture of the FITS that I like:
You can buy these online at

And here’s the Anky TC breeches:
You can buy these online at